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The Pig Aviation Primer is the first recruitment/PSA poster designed by the Air Corps, and has been its top-selling product for over 15 years, and available for the first time on the Pig Air Corps Official Website – HOORAY!


Designed by Snape's Ridiculorum, this wildly informative print is scanned from an original watercolor and available in 9"x12" or 13"x19" page sizes. It details the anatomy of a typical airborne pig, comparative flight paths, aerodynamic disposition, and includes a spotting chart. Content based upon the artist's Direct Observations and a few Hypotheticals.

Pig Aviation Primer, 9"x12" or 13"x19" illustrated print

  • This art print is a reproduction from an original ink drawing with watercolor (and minor digital adjustments). It was scanned at high resolution and printed from a high quality Epson inkjet printer with archival inks onto a textured matte heavyweight watercolor paper.

    Size: the page size is 9 1/2" x 13". The artwork is ~8"x11". The space surrounding the artwork allows for framing and matting options. For a 13"x19" page size, the artwork is 11"x18".

    Frame: the frame is for presentation purposes only, and not included in the sale.

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