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Applications of Pig Aviation, comparative anatomy, answers all the questions about the differences between pigs and bees (bumble). Flying postures, speeds, distances, and physical features are all mapped out here for your enlightenment. Note that the FAA has not yet released any statements recognizing the impact that Pig Aviators my have on commercial airspace. 


Designed by Snape's Ridiculorum, this diagram is a reproduction of a hand-drawn and -lettered 8"x10" sketch, using crow's quill pen and ink and watercolor. Information was based upon the artist's Direct Observations and some Hypotheticals.

Pig Aviation: Comparisons, 9"x12" illustrated print

  • This art print is a reproduction from an original ink drawing with watercolor (and minor digital adjustments). It was scanned at high resolution and printed from a high quality Epson inkjet printer with archival inks onto a textured matte heavyweight watercolor paper.

    Size: the page size is 9 1/2" x 13". The artwork is ~8"x10". The space surrounding the artwork allows for a variety of framing and matting options.

    Frame: the frame is for presentation purposes only, and not included in the sale.

  • Shipping costs included in price. Domestic delivery only (mainland United States).

    Mailed flat in a reinforced envelope and plastic sleeve for protection from fog and Unexpected Precipitation. Orders ship out within a week of purchase, often within 3 days, via USPS. 

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